The Bond County Farm Bureau® Foundation was established in 2004 by Bond County Farm Bureau® Leaders with a vision toward the future. In their wisdom they knew that farm families and agriculture would face numerous challenges to profitability and their way of life.

To overcome these challenges these visionaries were confident of two factors:

• Financial resources would be needed to tackle and fund education need to solve problems.
• Farmers would want to contribute to the efforts to protect, as well as improve, their industry and way of life.

Contributors to the Bond County Farm Bureau® Foundation are independent, farm-focused people, organizations and businesses with an interest in advancing the Agriculture Industry.

Bond County Farm Bureau Foundation Mission:
To fund education, research and charitable activities that benefit Bond county farm families and education.

Because the Foundation is a charitable organization, organized under the IRS Code 501( c ) (3), contributors can deduct their gifts and contributions to the extent allowable by law. These gifts and contributions can take many forms. In addition to monetary contributions, gifts may include land or estate donations, insurance policies, or memorial requests

For more information call (618) 664-3100.

Contributions will be used as designated in the Articles of Incorporation of the Bond County Farm Bureau® Foundation as follows:

SCHOLARSHIPS: To provide for persons studying agriculture and agriculture related fields including, but not limited to, education, veterinary medicine and leadership development.

EDUCATION: To encourage, promote and fund the design, development and distribution of educational and instructional materials, programs and seminars to provide improved instruction about agriculture, horticulture, and their related fields, including, but not limited to, programs for students and young adults such as FFA, Leaders to Washington, ALOT and Ag-In-The-Classroom.

To promote, fund and conduct programs for the development of public library collections with special emphasis on agriculture and its related fields.

LEADERSHIP: To promote, fund and conduct seminars and schools for educational and scientific leadership purposes in the field of agriculture and its related disciplines.

RESEARCH: To encourage, promote and fund education and research designed to improve agriculture.